Amsai Primary school is a non-political and not for profit school run by Ananda Marga Pracharak Samgha, Chitwan Unit as a Trust. This school started with the Land contributions from respected Padma Narayan Malla from Bharatpur and Srimati Kamala Shrestha from Talsikhel-15, Lalitpur. Each one donated 1/1 Kattha land to school. In School Building construction phase various people and sympathizer donated in behalf of materials and cash. This school is also supporting parentless children locally available by operating AM Children home within a school building.

This school aims to further the national integration by introducing a uniform and syllabi and common medium of instruction for the whole country. It will incorporate “Non sectarian and Non dogmatic moral instruction in education so as to encourage the advancement of universal moral and spiritual values. Our priorities to give a sufficient scientific and technical basis to education so that intellectual and social renaissance of the country may be helped.

“Educated is the one who has learned much and made      use of his knowledge in everyday life.” —————————— Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii

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